EIFS Mesh: Rendering Netting Fabric for Base Coat and Finish Coat. Fiberglass Mesh Tapes for External Wall Insulated Finish Systems (EIFS), with Uniform Plain Woven Openings and High Tensile Strength.

Fiberglass mesh reinforcement used in EIFS construction can avoid the deformation of the entire insulation structure caused by the outside momentum of collision or squeeze. Glass Fiber EIFS Mesh has high impact force strength, can reinforced insulation wall layer with easy construction and quality control. EIFS stucco mesh plays the role of "soft steel" in the concrete wall system embedded in base plastering coat.

EIFS Render Fiberglass Mesh is made of alkaline resistant fiber yarns and has been tested to DIN EN ISO 13934-1 tensile strength standards. We offer three types of external render EIFS fibreglass mesh: Heavy Weight external mesh or Armoured Mesh designed specifically to reinforce areas exposed to increased stress, especially a plinth; Medium Weight fiberglass mesh is the most commonly applied with a big opening of 10mm x 10mm; standard weight stucco render fabric for common wall base coating and tile backing for mosaic and marbles.

Fiberglass Stucco Mesh for EIFS Rendering

Fiberglass Mesh applied to cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures inside and outside surface for base coat plastering and rendering, a new type of building materials for external wall stucco works.

Fiberglass Plaster Mesh Tape for External Wall Finish Coat

Self Adhesive Fiberglass Tape for Internal and External Wall Plastering and Finishing System

The EIFS mesh stripes are made from C-glass impregnated with alkali-resisting dispersion. Available in three widths, two weights and two colors (white and yellow). With a stable structure of the fibers, the fiberglass grid netting has high tensile strength, a uniform mesh opening and a smooth surface and resistance to alkali present in the chemical composition of plasters and paints.

Concrete Wall Plaster Base Coating Reinforcement Stucco MeshEIFS Fiber Mesh Fabric for External Insulation

EIFS Render Mesh Preventing Surface Cracks, Supplied in Rolls or Tapes

Main Features
•Easy to install, by embedding in to wet base coat render especially for large surface areas
•Durable and Reliable: Resistant to chemical agents: glass mesh free from corrosion and unaffected by alkali
•Light and easy to transport
•Adaptable to uneven surfaces
•Easy and safe to use – only simple tools (scissors, utility knife) needed to work with our fiberglass mesh.
We can also offer a slitting service to custom cut your fiberglass mesh to different tape or roll widths for particular application.


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