Decorative and Ventilate Fiberglass Mesh Fabric for European Style Portiere

Fiberglass mesh portiere is designed for European market where customers tends to use fiberglass fabrics rather than common pvc insect screen or door curtains. It is used for ventilation at the same time preventing insects and even pets. Fiberglass portiere is a kind of decorative fiber glass fabrics with many colors available at demands. We supply also brackets and fittings for the door curtains installation.

Fiberglass Europe-style Portiere is woven by glass fiber coating yarn through special process. Compact edge does not choose high temperature or fitting and combining other materials. Suitable tendency of the fiberglass portiere keeps strictness between every piece and keeps whole even. Good PVC bracket have many colors to match the door.

Installation: The excellent design of European style fiberglass portiere is convenient for setting. We offer DIY products for your choice to beautify your house.

Fiberglass Mesh Curtains or Portiere can be made with fiber mesh of plain or twilled weave.

a) Plain weave fiberglass window screen:

Normal specification as follows:
Colors: Black, gray, gray/white, green, blue, red;
Weight: 115G/M2,120G/M2, 130 G/M2, 150 G/M2, 180 G/M2;
Mesh Size: 18X16mesh, 18X14mesh, 16X16mesh, 18X18mesh, 20X20mesh, 20X18mesh, 16X14mesh, 14X14mesh;
Width: 0.61m, 0.71m, 0.76m, 0.81m, 0.914m, 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.524m, 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.20m.

b) Twist weave fiberglass mesh:
Normal specification as follows:
Colors: black ,white , grey ,yellow ,blue ,green ,grass-grey ,brown etc.
Weight: 75g/m2,80g/m2, 90g/m2, 100g/m2, 110g/m2
Mesh Size: 12x12mesh, 14x14mesh, 16x14mesh, 16x16mesh
Width: 0.61m, 0.71m, 0.76m, 0.81m, 0.9144m, 1.00m, 1.22m, 1.52m, 1.83m, 2.00m, 2.20m, 3.0m.

Ventilate Door Screen against Mosquitos

Twill weave fiberglass mesh fabric used in various ventilating and insect proof facilities as window or door curtains


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