Tuff Mesh Insect Screen against Pets and Beasties: Black powder coated aluminum woven mesh, stainless steel mesh, vinyl coated polyester mesh, resin coated pvc or fiberglass screen. Excellent tear resistance. Much stronger than common standard insect screen while maintaining excellent outward visibility. Pet-resistant and tear and puncture-resistant.

Tuff mesh with vinyl powder coating can be used for porch screen, window screen, door screen, pet screen and security netting. Woven by high tensile stainless steel AISI/SUS316 or 304 wire, aluminum wire or galvanized wire, also non metal materials of polyester, pp and fiber glass. Surface finished with powder coating.Durable and strong heavy type Tuff mesh is excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors.

Powder Coated Polyester / PVC / Fiberglass Mesh Tuff Window Screen for Houses, also Patio and Porch enclosure as well as windows and doors:

Heavy duty insect screen againest insect, pet and theft. Perfect flat surface,equal aperture,no faults and high security.


Mesh count 11 x 11,Wire diameter 0.71mm/0.8mm

750mm x 2000mm or 2400mm

900mm x 2000mm or 2400mm

1200mm x 2000mm or 2400mm

Vinyl or Epoxy Powder Coated Black Metal Extra Tough Tuff Mesh: Stainless Steel Woven Mesh and Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh for Security:

Tuff Metal Screen has been developed to strengthen security doors and windows, used on security doors or sliders that have high traffic areas which may potentially damage the mesh. Metal tuff mesh coated black mesh offers extra toughness and superior strength protection. The Coated Black Stainless Steel Mesh or Aluminum Mesh ensures an unobstructed viewing from inside, when placed on Security Doors or Screens.

* Standard Color = Black
* Standard Widths = 36", 48", 60", 72",96" and 120"
* Standard Roll Length = 100'

Mesh Count = 17 x 13
Yarn Diameter = .018
Fabric Thickness = .027
Openess Factor = Approximately 45%
UV Blockage = Approximately 55%
Breaking Strength (lb) = 140 Warp, 112 Fill

Vinyl Coated Pet Screen

Black Vinyl Powder Coated Aluminum Woven Wire Mesh Use it on Pool Cages, Patios Enclosures, Porches, Gazebos for Security of Windows and Door Screens.

Material:aluminum1060, aluminum3003 wire

Weaving :plain weave, twill weave, plain dutch weave and twilled dutch weave.

Wire diameter: 0.025-2.5mm


Mesh / Inch Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm) Mesh / Inch Wire Diameter (mm) Aperture (mm)
2mesh 1.80 10.90 60mesh 0.15 0.273
3mesh 1.60 6.866 70mesh 0.14 0.223
4mesh 1.20 5.15 80mesh 0.12 0.198
5mesh 0.91 4.17 90mesh 0.11 0.172
6mesh 0.80 3.433 100mesh 0.10 0.154
8mesh 0.60 2.575 120mesh 0.08 0.132
10mesh 0.55 1.990 140mesh 0.07 0.111
12mesh 0.50 1.616 150mesh 0.065 0.104
14mesh 0.45 1.362 160mesh 0.065 0.094
16mesh 0.40 1.188 180mesh 0.053 0.088
18mesh 0.35 1.060 200mesh 0.053 0.074

Charcoal Black Vinyl Coated Fiberglass Tuff Mesh for Insects and Animal Control:

Pet Mesh Window Screening

The tensile strength and tear resistance make this the perfect solution for window screens. Its visibility and strength make it ideal for porch and patio applications.

Light and air pass through but not the bugs, and assists in keeping pets in and other animals out.

With added strength and durability, coated fiber mesh works great in second story and balcony applications to eliminate damage caused by wind blown debris.

Epoxy Resin Coated Woven PVC Pet Mesh:

Vinyl Coated Polyester Mesh Screen Keeping Pets


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