Fiberglass Mesh Used as Fiberglass Tape, Fiberglass Screen, Fiberglass Geogrid, and Fabric Cloth. Made of Quality C or E Class Fiber Yarn with First Class Weaving Machines. Introduced with popular specifications for export.

Specially Treated Fiberglass Mesh and Fiberglass Tape: Vinyl powder coated or latex coated. Used for plastering, stucco, EIFS rendering and crack repairing, etc.

Alkali Resistant (AR) Reinforced Fiberglass Mesh

After surface treatment, this type of coated fiberglass mesh tape has excellent properties including water-resistance, alkali-resistance, flexibility, softness and resistance to aging.

Fiberglass fabrics can be made to vinyl coated fiberglass mesh or latex coated to have further strength.

Fiberglass Building Mesh for External Insulation Wall Construction

External Wall Insulation System Base Coat Rendering Mesh Fabric

Fiberglass Drywall Mesh Tape Fabric

Reno Plain Weave Fiberglass Mesh Tapes for Stucco Plastering Uses

Coated Alkali Resistant Drywall Rendering Tapes

Jointing Tapes with Adhesion Belt for Insulation, Jointing, Reparing and Reinforcing

Latex Coated Fiberglass Mesh for Exterior and Interior Structural Wall Rendering and Base Coat

Fire retardant fiber fabric used in reinforcing walls, natural marble, plaster board, artificial stone and building materials backing and finishing system.

Fiberglass Fabric for Reinforcing of Building Materials

Fiberglass Mesh for Construction Roofing Structural Reinforcing and Decoration: 48" WIDE x 150' ROLL HIGH-STRENGTH WHITE REINFORCEMENT MESH COATED FIBERGLASS CLOTH.

APPLICATIONS: High strength joints, roofing seams, deck seams, tile backing, quality repairs, mosaics, etc. The alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh fabric also has great heat resistance.
BENEFITS: Cracks are prevented because of good chemical corrosion resistance and high warp and weft strength. Distortions in the system from high impact are minimized because the stress is equally spread in different directions. High Strength fiberglass mesh fabric can reinforce and protect stone because of its high strength and balanced structure. Easily applied to the back of marble, mosaic and stone.
Roll Length .................................................... 150 ft (13.8 meters) 
Thickness ....................................................... 0.007 in. (0.18 mm)
Average weight .............................................. 1.9 oz/yd² (64.4 gm/m²)
Tensile strength, ASTM D-1668 II,
Warp ............................................................. 85 psi (0.59 MPa)
Fill ................................................................. 85 psi (0.59 MPa)

Fiberglass Screen For Mosquito and Insect Control: Applied to Windows, Doors and Curtains:

Window Screening of Fiberglass Cloth

Fiberglass screen is mainly used as window / insect screen or sunshade fabrics.

Charcoal Black Pleated Fiberglass Mesh Screen

We also supply and export fiberglass mesh pleated panels and other fabric products made with glass fibre materials.

Ventilation and Shading Screen for Insect Control

It can be made into window screen for window or door shield, vinyl powder coated pet screen, fiberglass solar screen and other forms for a wide range of applications.

Fiberglass, PP and Polyester Geogrid, Geotextile and Pavement Mesh:

Fiberglass Geogrid Composite Geotextile Fabric

Composite Fiberglass Geogrid is mainly used to reinforce soft soil roadbed, rib side slope of embankment, enhance isolation, inhibit ground deformation, prevent crack by reflection, increase strength of roadbed.

Fiberglass Geotextile Non Woven Fabric, Short Fiber PP / PET Needle Punched Geo Textile Fabric

Non Woven Geotextiles of Fiberglass and Chemical Fibers.

Road Pavement Reinforcing Mesh Grids

Plastic Net and Fiber Grid for Road and Bridge Asphalt Pavement

Fiberglass Ducting Cloth:

Glass fibre fabric as ducting fabric has strong tension, well heat resisting, anticorrosive, resistance to burn and strong adhesive power. It is widely used in base fabric of ventilation in tunnel and mine underground or smelting plant after treated by special technique.

Tunnel Ducting Fabric Cloth

Powder Coated Stainless Steel Mesh, Aluminum Mesh, Fiberglass Mesh:
Black Powder Coated Stainless Steel Mesh for Pet Control

Vinyl and powder coated black pet screen.

Popular Fiberglass Mesh Products with Specifications for Export:

•Fiberglass (glass fibre) woven mesh fabrics can be Twill Weave and Plain Weave according to the processing patterns. Standard mesh/inch for plain woven fiberglass meshes: 20x20, 18x18, 16x16. Standard mesh /inch for twill woven fiberglass mesh: 18x16, 18x14.

•Fiberglass mesh with 1m × 50m(roll), weight 160gr per square meter. 4mm × 4mm or 4mm × 5mm mesh size. Colors: white, blue, orange, yellow, green, used in salt water acquarium.
•400 Lf. 6' mesh in black or bronze color for pool shading enclosure.
•Impregnated fiber glass mesh 51g/m², 75g/m², 145g/m², 165g/m². Length 50m', width 1.00m, roll=50m².
•Fiber glass self adhesive drywall mesh tapes 75g/m², width 5cm and 10cm. (50mm × 10m, 50mm × 20m, 50mm × 45m, 50mm × 90M, 50mm × 150m, 100mm × 90m, 100mm × 100m, 100mm × 150m). Hole size 2.3 × 2.3mm or 3 × 3mm.
•Coated alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh for flooring walls or building mesh debris catchers: Mesh: 5mm * 5mm, 4mm * 4mm
Weight: 80g --- 165g / m²
Width: 1000mm - 2000mm
•Plain woven mesh fabric: mesh size 6.3mm × 6.3mm, yarn count 22tex × 22tex, weight yarn 7.5g/m2,  after dipped 9.0g/m2, width1.6m, roll length 8,000m/roll.
•Alkali-resistant white fiberglass mesh cloth: 110 g/m2, with 5 × 5 mm mesh, used for aluminum corner bead with fiberglass mesh.
•Fiber glass reinforcement net used for reinforcement of rear side of travertine / marble stones slab and tile, with mesh size 4×4 mm, Weight/m² 70 g - 130g,1.5m×100m/roll, white color.
•4 × 4mm 160 gr C glass high alkaline resistance fiberglass mesh used as exterior wall for insulation EIFS mesh.
•18 × 16 standard mesh fiberglass vinyl coated insect screen for windows and doors, yarn diameter 0.010 - 0.011, Mesh opening 59%.
•18 × 16 powder coated stainless steel tuff mesh for pet screen

Please note, we constantly develop new products and sizes to meet the market and will update information constantly.

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